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2015.2.23 : Books of the Great East Japan Earthquake was published to the world.
2015.2.10 : The work of the Great East Japan Earthquake I was published.
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To whom it may concern, the involved companies, and all who support our project

Dear all, I hope this mail finds you well.
We sincerely appreciate everyone’s consideration.
It feels like spring is in the air.
It is pleasure for me to make the following report.

April 6, 2015

We offered the English version of 8 articles about the Great East Japan Earthquake to the Pope of Rome and received a letter from His secretary.

— The detail —
It was once in a thousand years disaster, The Great East Japan Earthquake.
Our company has proceeded The Great East Japan Earthquake Miyagi project with the help of your support and pieces of advice. The 10 articles in Japanese have been published starting from March 11, 2014 and has been on-demand electronically. And with help of the translators, 8 of the books have been published in English, and on-demand electronically since February of this year.
Natural disaster is one of the major issues on the global scale. The World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai had been held at Sendai city Miyagi prefecture on March.
I hope these books can give people heads up and express our gratitude for the support from around the world.
The earthquake in Italy is still fresh in our memory.
Although we were sorry to bother him, we sent the Pope of Rome in hope of his reading these English versions.

— The letter from the secretary —
To our surprise, we received an airmail. We didn’t expect it. I can’t show the real thing for some reason but I introduce the part of the words from the secretary.

His Holiness Pope Francis pleased to acknowledge the kind letter and gift sent for his acceptance. He appreciates the devoted sentiments which prompted this thoughtful presentation.

The Holy Father gives the assurance of a remembrance in his prayers and sends his blessing.

— Our appreciation —
I am so happy to know that the Pope of Rome have read these articles. And I am so grateful as a Japanese that he gave us the warm words through the secretary and that he preyed for the disaster victims.
We will continue to practice diligence to make known these books domestically and overseas and to make opportunities to think about disaster preparedness and reduction.
Everyone whom it concerns, we ask your support and advice continuously. Thank you.

— The goal of this project —
I hope that people around the world read these books and think about natural disaster and prevention. We all have to remember the Great East Japan Earthquake and visit the stricken area once more. You will know the restoration is delayed. I hope many people visit the stricken area and pray for the victims and give thoughts to missing people.
Visiting the devastated area will help to solve the problems about the disaster monument, industry and employment.
Speaking of the disaster monument, I believe it will increase the people to visit these area and eventually will give a good effect.
And it can be considered the success when our proceeds reach a certain amount and we can donate some of them.

— Last but not least —
We had sent the books to the Pope of Rome secretly though we received the letter and met the warmest words from the Pope. So we would like all the people who support us to know about this letter.

The company is responsible in making this announcement, inclusive of the letter from the Pope of Rome.

Hiro Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Founder & Director Hiroshi Yashiro,

Book that was presented to Pope.



Color version


Hello, everyone.

Welcome to our website.
On March 11, 2011, there was The Great East Japan Earthquake which was said to be the once in a thousand year’s disaster and a lot of precious lives were lost.
Since then we have collected the literary works from the earthquake victims. In result 10 works have been chosen and published on demand printing and by electric publishing in Japanese.
We are planning to have 8 works of them published in English to the world.
They include some essays, Tankas - Japanese poem of thirty-one syllables, and short stories. Every one of them depicts the vivid scenes of the Great East Japan Earthquake, sharing the ideas of the disaster mitigation, the prevention of natural disaster which should be recognized widely.
This project has been proceeded to share the real image of this catastrophic event by focusing on the viewpoint of the earthquake victims themselves.
From a global point of view, natural disaster is a pressing issue. There is the third World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai next Spring.
With this opportunity, we hope this works trigger the reconsideration about the natural disaster and its risk management. In the meantime we would like to express our gratitude for the support from all over the world. And we hope people around the world know Japanese spirt by these works.
We are happy to announce that our On-demand publishings are available at Amazon. They may be dutiable, depending on the country.
Electric publication works are available on ibooks, google Android and Amazon Kindle.
We recommend all of you these books profoundly.
Thank you in advance.


Hiroshi Yashiro, Founder & Director
Hiro Enterprise