The Great East Japan Earthquake
ACollection of TANKA(Japanese poetry) and Prose
地津震波(zi tsu shin pa)
Satoh Seikou
The Great East Japan Earthquake.
The thirty seconds’ difference saved the author from the arriving tsunami propelled by the earthquake.
Which Almighty gave him the chance to survive, God or Buddha?
Those who had become souls must have done.
Since then, he has documented the true state of affairs into Tanka.
The only thing he wanted to do was to describe the reality in 31syllables as records.
His feel of responsibility to write down about what he saw has supported his difficult days .
Each tanka shows only one phase of the tragedy.
But I sincerely hope that each point of will draw a line by readers
themselves. Not only to those who are familiar with tanka but also those who are new to read this.
Tanka is one of Japanese traditional cultures.
This is a collection about The Great East Japan Earthquake, expressed with Tanka and with the author’s soul and inner power

The Great East Japan Earthquake
My Grateful Gift to You
"It was tough enough to live in the refuge. And now it's not easy staying upstairs." The expression of the neighbor lady portrayed both the bliss and hardness of living in her own house. There were a lot of people who spent hard days without any utilities after the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, a few people recognized what it was like. I spread out our case on reflection as an example of an ordinary household; how we had gone through without enough commodities in the bitter winter, how we had scraped up our daily necessities. What are the most important, and yet forgettable things in devastated times?
I hope these things that I incorporated in here save people from their suffering in case of emergency.

The Great East Japan Earthquake unofficial history of
Tohoku University Library
Engineering Library
~ What I do not forget, the things I want to convey ~
Tohoku University Library
Engineering Library
HINODE Hiroshi

When 120,000 books fall, the book turns into the weapon!
March 11, 2011. The Great East Japan Earthquake. The earthquake-stricken Library. The record on restoration/reconstruction for 1000 days.
Even if we know the damage situation where many books fell at the library, little do we know what restoration was made.
This is the realistic record in which the Tohoku University Library Engineering Library which suffered a great deal of damage carried out restoration and reconstruction.
They were working as one, making the best use of inventiveness not to give the same damage in future.

The Great East Japan Earthquake
“The life given to me again”
Thank you, dad,
And to everybody in America, thank you for your support

“The Life Given to Me Again”
The East Japan Earthquake brought great sadness and despair to every part of the place where I was born and grew up. My father also became one of the victims. I would like people reading this book to think what ‘to live’ means, and give consideration to what family bonds mean to their life. Although we were victims of the earthquake, our hearts have carried on without change from before the incident. I don't want people to forget there are still so many people who are suffering in various ways despite this. I would like to express my gratitude again to the people I met at that time.

The Great East Japan Earthquake 3.11
Shibuya Tomomi

Shaking very hard. Shaking at wherever I go. My body and mind can't stay calm, but I need to act for the next thing. Unordinary view like some SF film jumps into my eyes, but I still need to think and move. This is what the evacuation is during a catastrophe. How do you protect yourself when you cannot stay calm? Let's think about the "importance of escaping" together.


The Great East Japan Earthquake Alive

This is a vivid story of Great East Japan Earthquake. Even after I survived from an earthquake, I was wandering between life and death during my life in an evacuation shelter. I have to protect my own life by myself. I have no idea when tsunami would occur again. If worst, I need to live a primitive mode of life. At such time, you will notice that the happiest thing is to spend your daily life under ordinary circumstances. I am confident that this book is an expression deep from my heart for the future. I wish people could raise their awareness concerning education for disaster prevention and attitude in emergency, at school, company or home.


The Great East Japan Earthquake The Diary of a Disabled Victim

Three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, which was a nightmare. This is the diary of a quake survivor who wrote under severe circumstances about the actual situation of the earthquake, activities of the Self-Defense Forces, actions of mass media and the government. It is a unique, devoted, timeless edition describing "How the author felt about the reality of the Great East Japan Earthquake".


The Great East Japan Earthquake The rainbow beyond tears
Rintaro Date

I had been feeling, "I am kept alive, given the power to live", and in gratitude, always strongly urged myself not to be discouraged by my age, illness. But while receiving a nursing care, I encountered the unprecedented great earthquake disaster once in 1,000 years. My house was completely destroyed, and I experienced the living in a shelter and also in a frame house of a volunteer group, where I was deeply impressed by the volunteer organization, which I hope to take root in Japan, the each member's spirit, unselfishness, passion, and acts. I was naturally absorbed in volunteer's world. Five hundred thousand volunteers are said to have rushed to the tragic scene of the Great East Japan Earthquake. How greatly they encouraged and cheered up the victims who were lost in their grief. Now I tell the story of the reconstruction, I can't do without telling their humanity and sense of mission. I drove a pen recalling the fabric of human relationships, including my experiences.